100% Therapeutic Grade Lavender Oil


100% Therapeutic Grade Lavender Oil


This steam-distilled essential lavender oil is imported from France. It has a complex yet light and sweet scent, and smells wonderful. Bottle size is .5 oz or 15 ml. Packaged in a dark blue bottle for light protection, the cap is also an eye-dropper for easy and precise use.

A few suggestions for lavender oil uses:

  • Put a few drops on your skin (temples or wrist) to help you relax, and de-stress.

  • Use in a diffuser for aromatherapy or add to a hot bath.

  • Add a few drops into a bottle with distilled water to make a body mist or linen spray.

  • Use on cuts or scrapes as natural disinfectant.

  • It’s recommended that you do not ingest (eat or drink) essential lavender oil.

  • Plus much more!

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