About Us


Serene Lavender Farm, founded in 2017, is a family-owned lavender farm. Our goals are to be socially responsible, provide high-quality goods in demand by our customers, and to educate people about the beauty and sustainability of lavender. We sell our products at seasonal Farmers Markets, craft shows, and other events.

We nurture and grow many varieties of lavender using only environmentally-friendly, pesticide-free growing techniques, such as hand-weeding and drip irrigation, to preserve our natural resources.

Our products include hand-crafted culinary, personal care, and home decor products, such as jams & preserves, fresh and dried lavender bouquets, and other unique lavender-sourced items which provide beauty and convenience for our patrons.  

We are open on select days during the summer months. For more information, see the Events page.

Lavendula Augustifolia plants in bloom at the farm.